De Falco: “Naples, the raw material of life”

We have the pleasure of sharing with you this short video about Naples. The video is about the waterfront of the city that has been recently, with an absolutely commendable initiative, closed to traffic and given back to the people, to walk, play, have fun and meet people.

How about a walk in what is considered one of the most beautiful bay in the world? WE LOVE NAPLES and we would like to invite anyone who is planning a trip to Italy to consider a stop here! A few years ago, to an American friend, who is in love with Naples and its many conflicting facets, I asked, “why do you like Naples so much?” His answer was: “Because Naples is the raw material of life!”

De Falco Vini (  Via Figliola I Traversa, 80040 San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, Napoli (google map)

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