De Falco: “Naples, in November, when it rains…”

Bacco e il Vesuvio”, we have started here our week end in Naples! This fresco, that you can admire in the stunning Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, inspired Gabriele De Falco, who is going to be our guide during this long week end in Campania, when he had to decide what image to give his wines: the snake, the bird, the vegetation. All these elements, stylized, you can find on his wines’ labels.
Currently the Museum is hosting an exhibition of Contemporary Art named: “Bali Bulè” inspired to Indonesian and Bali Art.
Outside, as we said, sky is low and threatening. Above is what we see from the cute B&B where we are staying, Le Fumarole. We are in Ercolano, on the Vesuvio a room definitely with a view! The B&B is very nice, it’s fun and very Napolitan style. It is a wonderful base for day trips in the surrounding area. At Le Fumarole B&B they serve dinner too and what a dinner! You’ll be surprised, pleasantly surprised!
Between one downpour and the next one we drove to Vico Equense and we had lunch at “O Saracino” Restaurant. Excellent appetizers, perfect linguine with seafood, original Pastiera. Above is what we saw from the table while eating, the restaurant is built on stilts over the water! As we eat waves are becoming higher and higher!
Someone said that we could not leave Vico Equense without trying Delizie al Limone di “Gabriele”. There are now words to describe how delicious they are!
It stopped raining and we decided to drive to beautiful Sorrento that is just a few miles South of Vico Equense.
In the narrow streets of Sorrento we pause to observe this group of friends playing cards under a sort of porch completely covered with murals. At the door a sign “Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso” (namely Workers’ Mutual Aid Company) it is not clear what that means however this is certainly a nice place where these friends are relaxing.
The rain, this weekend of November, did not give us a break! But Naples is a city of many resources, and there is nothing better than “take refuge” in another incredible Museum. Above is a prospects of the elegant rooms of the Museum of Capodimonte. In fact a week end would not be enough to properly visit only this Museum. Our rainy, yet very enjoyable, week end in Naples, that started with Gabriele De Falco in front of the “Bacco e il Vesuvio” fresco, ends here, in Capodimonte, where we thank Gabriele for being such a great guide, we enjoyed the company, the place, the food and of course his wines.

De Falco Vini (  Via Figliola I Traversa, 80040 San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, Napoli (google map)


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