De Falco: “Canoeing through Posillipo’s Villas”


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Posillipo, from the greek Pausylipon (the place where pains vanish) is a hilly residential district of the city of Naples, here, in the first century BC, a wealthy Roman knight of the time built a beautiful residential complex.

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The villa occupied a vast territory with buildings, gardens, vineyards and porches and through a tunnel, called the Grotta di Seiano, (a monumental underground tunnel) one could reach the Corroglio beach (district of Bagnoli) and the Roman port of Pozzuoli, Portus Julius and Misero.

The short video shows you how to visit, simply by canoe, this wonderful coastal area. On top of Capo Posillipo, there is a beautiful park named Virgilian Park, one of the most scenic walks both on the Gulf of Naples and Pozzuoli. From the shore, called “Valle dei Re”, it is possible to admire the islands of Gaiola and Nisida.

Gabriele De Falco invites you to visit this wonderful city and to visit his cellar placed in San Sebastiano al Vesuvio on the slopes of the volcano.

De Falco Vini (  Via Figliola I Traversa, 80040 San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, Napoli (google map)


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