Bianco Smeraldo

Unmaredivino: “A praise to Vermentino di Gallura docg”

A good result for Gioacchino Sini’s whites These lines are extracted from the blog “Jefford on Monday”, Decanter. A well-written page on the characteristics Vermentino di Gallura, a good result for Unmaredivino, Gioacchino Sini’s Wines: Unmaredivino di Goacchino Sini, Bianco Smeraldo, Vermentino di Gallura 2014 This prettily labeled wine, grown from fruit from the Su Crabileddu sub-zone of the village of Berchidda and vinified after a long period of cool storage on its skins, has remarkable aromatic finesse, purity and restraint: orange, jasmine, peach, nectarine and apple in bright, pristine, clear yet creamy style. 92 Unmaredivino di Goacchino Sini, Terra
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Unmaredivino nuova cantina

Unmaredivino: “Little Winery Grows!”

A new milestone for Gioacchino Sini We are in the vineyard at Su Cabrileddu and, from this privileged point of view, we are looking at the work that Gioacchino Sini, owner of Unmaredivino, is doing to expand his cellar. Paraphrasing the title of a famous novel, we could say: “Little Winery Grows” and it grows with pride and enthusiasm. In a way even that of Gioacchino is a novel, made of perseverance and relentless dreams. All materials used for this new building, adjacent to the old cellar, are carefully selected. Look at these bricks, these are not normal bricks !
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Oak signing at Unmaredivino

Unmaredivino: “Oak Signing, Season #2”

2014, a Memorable Vintage Harvest 2014 is over and in the above picture, taken this past October 25th, we are in Su Cabrileddu Vineyard to enjoy a beautiful sunny day with a group of friends, customers and supporters of our way to work in the vineyard and make wine. At Unmaredivino we welcomed: Ristorante S’Andira – Santa Teresa di Gallura Ristorante Casablanca – Baja Sardinia Consorzio Coralis Colonna Grand Hotel Capotesta – Santa Teresa di Gallura Ristorante Il Giardinaccio – San Teodoro Gruppo Baja Hotels Ristorante La Gritta – Palau Enoteca La Bottega – Santa Teresa di Gallura Hotel Ollastu
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Bianco Smeraldo @ Bice San Diego

Unmaredivino: “Bice in San Diego likes Bianco Smeraldo”

Vermentino di Gallura docg Superiore poured at Bice’s It was 1926 when Beatrice Ruggeri opened the first and original Bice (nick name for Beatrice) Restaurant in Milan, Italy. Nowadays think of a fancy location in the world and it is very likely that you’ll find a Bice Restaurant there: from Dubai to Buenos Aires and of course the many Bice’s in the US. Here we are at San Diego. This is a special night for us at Unmaredivino, Mario Cassineri, above left, Chef and Partner at Bice San Diego is hosting a Wine Dinner dedicated to Sardinia Cuisine and Wines.
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Unmaredivino, Su Cabrileddu with guests

Unmaredivino: “What’s so special about Unmaredivino Wines”

Why a tank can make a difference Paraphrasing the world of books we could call it “Oak Signining.” We are here telling you what happened, at Unmarevivino, on June 4th, 2014, when Gioacchino Sini, the owner , had some of his best customers, Restaurateurs and owners of some of the best Wine Boutiques in Sardinia. He enjoyed showing them how he works in the vineyards and at the winery. The group is small so that Gioacchino can devote enough time and attention to each one of his guests. Here we are at Su Cabrileddu vineyards, and he is explaining what
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Unmaredivino Bianco Smeraldo

Unmaredivino: “Sardinia Wonderland: Ristorante Casablanca”

Tasting Wine, relaxing, enjoying… One more enchanted spot and a beautiful Resort to host Unmaredivino Wines. We are at the Casablanca Restaurant, on their beautiful terrace. Casablanca is located inside Club Hotel Baja Sardinia and enjoys a breath taking view on Cala Battistoni, the most famous beach in Baja Sardinia, overlooking the Maddalena Islands. Giulio Bonora, Chief Maitre at the Baja Hotels, presented, along with the producer, Gioacchino Sini, two wines from Unmaredivino Winery: Bianco Smeraldo Vermentino di Gallura docg Superiore 2012 and Rosso Smeraldo IGT Colli Limbara 2010. It was a delicious aperitif time for the many guests, mostly
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La Gritta Restaurant

Unmaredivino: “Sardinia Wonderland, Ristorante La Gritta”

Where professionalism makes simple ingredients become art We continue our journey to introduce you to prestigious locations, in Sardinia, where you can find Unmaredivino Wines. Let me introduce you Simona D’Amore and Roberto Pirro who welcome you to Ristorante “La Gritta” in Palau. First quality ingredients and the owners great passion for their work provide for a whole natural, simple, yet very refined, taste experience, excellent hospitality and…what a view! Someone suggested you should absolutely try “Zuppa di Pesci Spinati” And when it comes to wine, no doubt, we are biased! Gioacchino Sini’s Wines are at home at “La Gritta”. Here the
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Unmaredivino: “Sardinia of the (Taste) Wonders”

Enoteca “La Bottega” in Santa Teresa di Gallura This could be easily renamed “the door to Earthly Delights”. We are in Santa Teresa di Gallura, a colorful town on the promontory overlooking the Straits of Bonifacio, in Sardinia, facing Corsica Island. This is the entrance to the Enoteca “La Bottega”, where Alberto Giannoni, welcomes and “cuddles” his loyal customers. Here, Alberto, carries on, with great passion, the business started, fifty years ago, by his father. His mission is simple and attractive: to offer quality products (food specialties, high quality wines, liqueurs typical of Sardinia). He personally selects all products, giving
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Unmaredivino: “Getting married Berchidda Style”

Certainly not a wedding for a few close friends Speaking of local traditions I recently learned, from Gioacchino Sini, owner of Unmaredivino, how “laborious” is getting married in Berchidda. Berchidda, home to the very interesting Sardinia Wine Museum and home to one of the most famous Jazz Musicians from Italy, Paolo Fresu has a very special way of celebrating weddings. It usually starts on Saturday, when the ceremony takes place, and, with no formal invitation, whoever, from the village, feels like having right to attend can go. It can be as big as 1500 or 2000 people and there is
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Nuraghe Santu Antine

Unmaredivino: “Sardinia, the Island of a Thousand Marvels”

Hundreds of good reasons to visit Sardinia! This is a journey that we will virtually take through the eyes (and pictures) of our friend Gioacchino Sini, owner or Unmaredivino Winery. We are visiting the Nuraghe (Dolmen) Santu Antine, not too far from the town of Torralba, in Sassari District. The dolmen , one of the many historical and architectural jewels of Sardinia , consists of a central tower and a three-lobed rampart with three round towers at the top. It was built during the Bronze Age , probably in the sixteenth century B.C. At the time of the so called
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