Le Siepi: “Vino del Tribuno awards 2016”

Wine, culture and traditions to discover best of Romagna We proudly announce that we received some prizes from the Tribunato di Romagna awards “Vino del Tribuno“. The Tribunato is a non profit association that promotes the culture and the enology of our territory, the Emilia Romagna region, with passion and competences. Sangiovese Superiore Riserva 2012 (tech sheet link) has obtained the highest score among the 80 wines in the competition Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 (tech sheet link) was awarded with certificate of “Gran Merito” Sangiovese Superiore Riserva 2012 (tech sheet link) was awarded with certificate of “Gran Merito” and “Miglior Vino” Le Siepi di San Giovanni (www.lesiepidisangiovanni.com) Via
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the soil under Le Siepi di San Giovanni

Le Siepi: “Rock, Soil, Vine and Wine”

When a Geologist talks about his vineyard … The information below have been given us by Gian Gaspare Zuffa, Geologist, who, with his brothers and his sons, manages, among other things, the many activities that take place at Siepi di San Giovanni: an agricultural and wine production project in particular, but also a tourism project, with a great restaurant already up and running and a beautiful Country House that will open by the end of the year. We were totally fascinated by the absolutely unusual way of hearing a vineyard story! The question was deceptively simple: “On what kind of
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Le Siepi: “Channel VTC16 from Vietnam visited Le Siepi di San Giovanni”

Two Rural World exploring each other Here are some pictures from the recent visit, at Le Siepi di San Giovanni, of a film crew from TV Channel VTC16 from Vietnam. We enjoyed giving Mrs. Le Thi Huyen Trang, Network Director and Leader of the Group, a full tour of our farm and of the various activities we conduct here: from traditional farming, to growing vines and making wines, to welcoming people in our Restaurant ad Tasting Room. The purpose of the visit and of the film they shot was to get the typical dimensions of Italian Agriculture and Rural life
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Le Siepi di San Giovanni

Le Siepi: “Proud Memories”

The origins of “Siepi di San Giovanni” Siepi di San Giovanni, as a farm, was started early in the last century. In 1935, it reached the configuration and current size. In the late 60s, under the name of “Azienda Agricola Zuffa Pietro e Figli” the Wine Adventure begins with the opening of the first winery. Here is a picture of the original winery building. A few more shots of the old winery building where wine production started using mainly Sangiovese and Trebbiano grapes. Since the very first vintages and vinifications, the Zuffa’s achieved a significant commercial success and important awards
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Le Siepi: “Narsete, a very special Trebbiano Frizzante!”

Where the soil makes the difference Trebbiano we produce at Le Siepi di San Giovanni grows on a hilly plateau on the right side of the valley of the Santerno River, about 200 m above sea level. Soil here is marly and slightly sandy. Originated from the Upper Miocene, this soil is sparsely drained and rich in carbonates, exchangeable potassium and magnesium. In Italy, and particularly on the hills of Emilia-Romagna, it is extremely rare to find a Trebbiano grown on such a substrate. Soil, combined with the specific climate, allow the production of grapes, and then wines, of distinctive
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