Colle di San Domenico: “Looking at wine…from an Harley Davidson!”

Stefano Violano’s two big passions: his wine and his bike Above the poster advertising the 2012 Harley Davidson Rally that took place in Avellino home town for Stefano Violano’s Wines, Cantine Colle di San Domenico. The event was then sponsored by the Winery. Still from 2012 event, here is a picture of Stefano and his wife both proud followers of Harley Davidson! This year the event took place in another beautiful location in Southern Italy, Pugnochiuso. Weather was not exactly great but …food and wine made it up for the rainy days of this 2014 Harley Davidson event in Southern
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Colle di San Domenico Fiano d'Avellino

Colle di San Domenico: “April Snow…not so unusual here!”

Even vines know it… To understand the aroma, the flavors and the identity of Colle Di San Domenico Wines one needs to figure exactly where we are located in Italy and what, for example, the weather is like in Chiusano di San Domenico, in the heart of Irpinia. In this area we experience cold winters and enjoy very mild summers. We are used to snowfalls during winter time and it is not unusual to see the mountains, all around us, snow-capped again in April. This year it snowed on April 16th! Although we are no more than 60 km, linear
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