Galasso @ De Vitis Fine Italian Foods

Galasso: “Family Stories We Love”

Much more than just a business meeting in Akron, OH Would you say that these two gentlemen are twins? This is how I met Robert and David De Vitis. I recently went to visit De Vitis Fine Italian Foods a great Italian Gourmet Store and even more important a place where I met great people. De Vitis Store supports Cantine Galasso’s Wines and my visit meant to thank them for their business with us. It turned to be a delicious lunch: a vegetarian Lasagna, very tasty eggplant rolls with ricotta cheese inside and a beautiful “Cannolo Siciliano” all absolutely “Made
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Corno Grande Galasso @ Ristorante Dante

Galasso: “Montepulciano d’Abruzzo doc Riserva @ Dante – Cleveland/OH”

Chef Dante Boccuzzi picks Corno Grande as wine by the glass If you happen to be in Cleveland, Ohio, no matter what your reason is for being there it is a must to pay a visit and enjoy a dinner at Dante Boccuzzi’s famous Restaurant in Tremont: “Dante”. This is “the” stop in the area for food lovers. Dining at Dante’s you will also enjoy discovering the interesting neighborhood of Tremont not too far from Downtown Cleveland. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Tremont is one of the oldest parts of Cleveland once populated mainly by German Immigrants.
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Porta Sole Galasso Card

Galasso: “Launching Porta Sole Wines in The Garden State”

Cantine Galasso great value wines now in New Jersey Here I am driving to Mount Holly, NJ to visit Mason Beverage Co. our new Porta Sole Distributor in New Jersey. Coming from an “almost spring” Italian weather I was not expecting to drive in a snow landscape! And here I am at Mason’s where I have met, for the first time, the Sales Force. We tasted together and had a very productive day introducing Cantine Galasso and particularly the Porta Sole Wines: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo doc, Sangiovese IGT and Pinot Grigio IGT . This was a good start and I am
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Porta Sole Card

Galasso: “Look for us @ Ives Road Wine & Spirits in Wallingford – CT”

20 Ives Road – Wallingford (Connecticut) 06492 USA Ask Vincenzo Di Natale for our Porta Sole wines. It’s always fun to do tastings at Ives Road Wine & Spirits and hope to be back again soon! Vincenzo carries all our Porta Sole wines, great value, great taste enjoy them with or without food ! Cantine Galasso ( Località Passo Cordone, 65014 Loreto Aprutino, Pescara (google map)
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Galasso: “Nicola Di Zio’s kitchen at La Bilancia Restaurant”

If you come and visit us at the Winery, on the way from us to Loreto Aprutino you cannot miss a visit to the gourmet Restaurant “La Bilancia” owned and managed by Nicola Di Zio. I was there a few days ago, January 2nd, and here is what was being prepared in the kitchen: a 22 kg turkey dressed to perfection and literally “lined” with slices of bacon. Ready for the oven! Nicola likes to welcome his customers and tell them about the good things going on in his kitchen where, his wife, Antonietta Marrone, prepares beautiful traditional local dishes
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Galasso: “Unexpected snow”

This was a couple of days ago. Here at Cantine Galasso we watched this unexpected event! We are now back in full operation however the snow forced us all home for a couple of days! If it wasn’t for the (good and welcomed) load of work that we have, in the winery, at this busy time of the year it would be good to relax and enjoy this “Nature Performance”. Funny shapes of overloaded cars! Here we are…they are coming to rescue us! Two days later sun is high in the sky, it’s very, very cold and we are all
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Galasso: “Glazer’s Ohio Holiday Show 2013”

This year too Cantine Galasso has attended the Annual Tasting from our Importer and Distributor in Ohio USA, Glazer’s. First stop was in Cincinnati. Here we are in Columbus, in the prestigious Aladdin Shrine Center, where we successfully tasted some of the wines we distribute through Glazer’s. Our Riserva Montepulciano d’Abruzzo doc, “Corno Grande” was a hit at the Shows: 100% Montepulciano grape, aged 12 months in big oak. On third day we moved to Toledo. Here the tasting was held at the Pinnacle venue, then, the next day, we moved on to our final destination, Cleveland. Our “Montenevoso” Montepulciano
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Galasso: “Bocconotti al Cioccolato and Galasso’s Passito”

We have been asked to find best recipe for “Bocconotti al Cioccolato” (Chocolate “Bocconotti”) by some very good friends of our Blog, fourth generation “Abruzzesi”, who live in the USA. We are happy to share the recipe for this typical Abruzzo cookie, and more precisely typical of the Province of Teramo. The recipe, very accurate and detailed, is published by “La Bottega delle Dolci Tradizioni” a very interesting and tempting blog that we invite you to “keep an eye” at! The original blog is in Italian so we hope to be helpful providing the English translation for our friends across
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Galasso: “What’s up in the vineyards?”

Above a picture taken in one of the oldest vineyards, at Galasso’s, it is a traditional “tent” trained vineyard still very popular in Abruzzo. Look what beautiful colors, the vine is in full bloom. An overview of the same vineyard clearly showing the blooming. And now we bring you back in time to see how, the same vineyard, looked like late April this year. Back in time again! Here is the same vineyard photographed at the beginning of April. This year we had a fairly mild winter, little snow and a lot of rain. We will take you back here
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Galasso: “It’s Galasso Time in Connecticut!”

We just came back from a business tour in Connecticut (USA) where we visited our Distributor and our customers, Restaurants and Retailers. It was an exciting tour that included tastings and events. While visiting we got the very good news of this great review of Vittoriale Montepulciano d’Abruzzo doc 2000 (see above). Vittoriale is a wine aged for 18 months in barrique. It remained long time in the bottle to refine before coming to the market. In fact this wine represents a challenge from Ettore Galasso to show the power and potential of this grape varietal and how it produces
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