Santo Iolo: “Pratalia and Berebene 2016”

Drink good + buy value = Pratalia Santo Iolo Winery is happy to share with you the news that Gambero Rosso, with his “Guida Berebene 2016” has selected Pratalia (Vermentino 100%) (Click here for technical profile) as an overdelivering, great value wine. In fact, since 26 years, Guida Berebene has awarded wines that sell on the italian market at a price less then 10 €.  Enjoy! Cantina Santo Iolo ( strada di Otricoli s.n. 05035 Narni, Terni (google map)
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Santo Iolo: “Pratalia”

Portrait of a wine There is something I like to do and it is finding similarities between wines and people. Let’s play this with our Vermentino, named Pratalia that we produce here at Santo Iolo. It’s name makes me think of one of the many nice girls from our area: modern and emancipated, educated in good schools, travelled the word, enjoyes being attractive though keeps a simple and direct approach to people. A “girl” who knows where she is from and how important roots are. Why do I see our wine Pratalia this way? Well I guess this is because
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Santo Iolo: “Japan!”

– Happy to be here – Although with some delay we are happy to publish images from the trip that Alessandra, Pietro, Livia and Irene Ducoli (the entire Santo Iolo team!)took to Japan this past April. It was a great mixture of tourism pleasure and professional pleasure. With this trip the Ducolis celebrated a family important anniversary so, driven by curiosity about such a different culture and enthusiasm to have their wine distributed in Japan the choice for the destination was simple! Memories, once back, were many and full of emotion. Irene, the youngest of the two daughters, just graduated
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Santa Pudenziana Country church

Santo Iolo: “An unusual Easter Day ride”

Very close to Santo Iolo Winery In the countryside around our winery (better say just around the corner from Santo Iolo), sitting nonchalantly among farmhouses and fields, there is an absolute architectural jewel, a small, pre-Romanesque, country church. It was built at the end of the first millennium, probably it would be more appropriate to say pulled up with what could be found around: stones and tuffs of the territory, bricks and rustic tiles, capitals and decorations as well as fragments of mosaics, left by the Romans from Ocriculum, the ancient port city on the Tiber. Linger on the proportions
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Irene Ducoli new oenologist at Santo Iolo

Santo Iolo:”The successful start of a career!”

Irene Ducoli, Winemaker My name is Irene Ducoli and I just graduated in Enology! How did I get to this point? It ‘a family story, a story signed Santo Iolo. It all began with my father, Pietro. You know, when a father begins to feel the age he can react in different ways: he either surrenders, deciding to put money aside for retirement, or …aims higher. For sure my father does not belong to the first group. When I was in primary school, thanks to a friend of mine’s father , a real wine lover, my parents got somehow involved
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Santoiolo bottle

Santo Iolo: “4 ‘Grappoli’ (Bunches) to Santoiolo”

From Bibenda and the Italian Sommelier Association For Wine Producers, and those in the “wine world” in general, these are days of great turmoil: the new wine guides are being released. In assessing wines guides put quite a bit of fantasy: one uses glasses, one scores in cents, up to 99 (as the perfect wine does not exist !), one uses bottles, grape bunches or stars. We are proud to announce that our Santoiolo 2009, got, for the first time, four clusters (top score is five), in what is perhaps the most important Italian Wine Guide, Bibenda, published by the
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Santo Iolo: “A Must to eat (and to enjoy with your eyes!): Sùgoli”

We have just finished harvesting here at Santoiolo (link web site). We are tired, hands are sticky with grape but we are all excited, euphoric and there is a happy noise all around. Lots of people here: relatives, friends and those who work with us all year long.. A friend, Gianfranco, asked if he could have one liter of freshly squeezed red grape must and ….here he is, at the end of the big lunch we enjoyed all together to celebrate harvesting. He carries a tray with lots of glasses and cups filled with a cream of the most amazing
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Santo Iolo's grapes

Santo Iolo: “Twenty Five steps to perfection!”

Perfectly sound grape. Yes but what a work! This year’s season has been very challenging from an agronomic point of view. You may have read about it already, someone catastrophically declared this the most difficult harvest season in the last two centuries. Let’s see what happened here at Santoiolo! Let’s start from Winter that never reached the usual, typical low temperatures. Enemies of the vine, fungi and parasites, thus survived undisturbed and found the right environment for them to reproduce when higher temperatures arrived. A rainy spring that, for the binomial moisture-infection, meant continuous threats for the clusters. Summer brought
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Vite Maritata

Santo Iolo: “La Vite Maritata (Literally: The married Vine)”

Rediscovering old vine training systems We thank Alessandra Buffetti, from Santoiolo Winery, for sending us this interesting story. The title sounds a bit odd: “The Married Vine”. What is it? Why this name? In fact, back in the Etruscans time we find the first traces of this vine training technique that basically consists in using trees as training poles and letting vines climb them. Grape vines, if not pruned, are similar to lianas: they would climb the trees, embrace their branches for ever… A real old style “marriage”! A few days ago some newspapers, here in Italy, came up with
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