Casetta: “Nicolello Favorita Langhe doc”

La Favorita is an indigenous white grape typical of the area of Roero and also very popular in the Langhe. The story tells that it arrived in Piedmont from Liguria through the very active trade along the famous “roads of the salt and oil”, which linked the low hills of the Piedmont to the Ligurian sea. The vine, in fact, is the same as Vermentino or Pigato in Liguria.

Ernesto Casetta produces its Nicolello Favorita in Vezza d’Alba, in the heart of the Roero area. The Favorita vine thrives well on these sunny hills where the sandy and dry soil helps to keep under control its strong vegetative vigor leading to an optimum ripeness of Favorita golden grapes.

And it is right for the golden color of the ripe clusters that Favorita is also known as “Furmentin” that in local dialect means wheat. In fact the ripe grape resembles the golden yellow color of wheat at harvest time.

F.lli Casetta ( Via Castellero 5, 12040 Vezza d’Alba Cuneo (google map)

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