Casetta: “Ernesto Casetta, a total commitment to his work”

The Association Ordine dei Cavalieri di San Michele del Roero, strongly committed to the promotion and preservation of the Roero Area recently awarded Ernesto Casetta for his commitment, his determination and his foresight in implementing an architectural redevelopment project at his cellar.
Ernesto Casetta takes us to visit his winery and shows us the spaces and areas that have been restructured thanks to this initiative. Here we are in front of the beautiful building where the winery is located and where Ernesto lives with his family.
Works done here have focused on the architectural structure of the cellar that boasts a long family tradition and that, today, appears to us in its “renovated look”!
Here is the bottling area that has been renovated and made more functional while retaining details of the original structure.
And here is the barrique and “oak” cellar!
Above, the beautiful sundial located on the facade of the winery. It has been nicely restored and brought back to its original splendor. Congratulations to Ernesto Casetta who, in addition to making excellent wines and taking care of his vineyards, is constantly committed to contributing to enhance the territory where he lives and works, an area that goes from Langhe to Roero of which he is very proud of!

F.lli Casetta ( Via Castellero 5, 12040 Vezza d’Alba Cuneo (google map)


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