Cantina Imperatori: “Let’s start from the soil”

What’s important to produce quality

When the Imperatori Family purchased this property, between Frascati and Monteporzio, on the slopes of the “Castelli Romani”, volcanic area, there were two old vineyards of Trebbiano and Malvasia, in a state of total abandonment. The first thing to do, to produce quality grapes, was to understand better what type of soil this was and how deep it was. This because the vine roots are the foundations of the vineyard. Their balanced and constant growth is essential to produce quality grapes
Cantina Imperatori
And it is right from soil that the technical team started working. They did a “stratigraphy“. A survey that went to 40, 80, and 120 cm depth to find out what the roots of the future vineyard would meet.
Cantina Imperatori
The study proved to be essential in order to find out what type of rootstock was more suitable and to predict how roots would have behaved over the years. Real trenches were excavated to look at the soil. It was then noted that it’s structure was homogeneous and deep in the same trench but was very different between each trench. They saw that in a relatively small area, 4 ha of vineyard, there are three different types of soil: free-clay loam, free-sandy loam, sandy. Only after this careful study it was decided to plant vines of: Cesanese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Verdicchio (aka Trebbiano Verde) and Viognier.
Cantina Imperatori
Before planting they also did an important drainage work facilitated by the soil texture that is rich in “skeleton”, stones and debrises of basalt ( a mineral that derives from the fast solidification of magma in contact with air or water) . Not to forget that the composition of these soils is the result of volcanic eruptions dating back to about 630000 years ago!

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