Cantina di Venosa: “Let’s go to the winery”

A stunning view of the Vulture Massive Range (3714 ft), an extinct volcano from prehistoric times, from a beautiful vineyard of Aglianico Grape.
The landscape around here is very diverse. Look at this picture, it was taken just outside the town of Venosa, a striking, deep horizon towards the highlands of Puglia.
Look at this landscape there are no trees only waves of shaved land. This land that goes all the way to the next Region, Puglia, is, by tradition, an important area for wheat production. See on the right an old deserted “masseria” (farm)
And here we are, arriving in beautiful Venosa hometown of Orazio. I’m surprised at the large number of arcades that I see in this town, those are more typical of Northern Italy towns.
And here the beautiful Castello Aragonese.
Then, just outside of Venosa, we arrive at Cantina di Venosa, our destination. Founded in 1957 by 27 promoting members, nowadays, the winery, is an association of 500 members with about 900 ha of vineyards, the largest producer of Aglianico grapes in the Vulture area.

Cantina di Venosa ( Via Appia, Venosa, Potenza (google map)

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