Borgese: “UNOROSSO, the newly born!”

1_borgese_paesaggioMassimo Borgese is happy to announce the newly born wine in his range: UNOROSSO.
A wine that well represents the aromas and complexity of the Sagrantino Grape blended and completed Merlot Grapes. An attractive, though simple, packaging for a fresh and direct style.
A red that keeps the elegance and personality of Sagrantino and yet provides for a wine of all occasions thanks to its softness and round tannins. Best paired with roasted red meat is also great with cold cuts and aged cheese. UNOROSSO with its excellent quality/price ratio is aiming to easily fit everyone’s palate.

Azienda Agricola Borgese ( Via Flaminia Maremmana 65, Fraz. Montepennino Montefalco 06036 Perugia (google map)


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