Borgese: “Looking at Torri from row 66”

We’re back in the vineyard to see what happened, during this past month, to the vines and the nature around. It ‘a sunny day and we are here to work. Look how many new buds!
We are mowing the grass today. It will then be chopped along with the old vine branches, resulted from pruning. This mixture will then be left in the vineyard as composting material.
In the distance the hamlet of “Torri”, a few houses around a mighty old castle and mighty walls. Let’s go there!
Today Torri stands around the ancient castle founded in 1250 with the name of “Cerqueto”, as it was surrounded by a vast forest of oaks (“cerque” in local dialect). In later centuries it took the current name, “Torri”, after the building of strong walls with high corner towers meant for defensive purpose. Here is a wonderful example!
Our next post will start from here and we will visit the tower, that you can see above in this picture, owned by Massimo Borgese. He carefully renovated it and transformed into a beautiful vacation resort!

Azienda Agricola Borgese ( Via Flaminia Maremmana 65, Fraz. Montepennino Montefalco 06036 Perugia (google map)


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