Borgese: “It’s almost spring time…”

It is almost spring time but, today, it does not show it! We are pruning, winter pruning, and we are almost done. In the distance the small village of Torri, in the Municipality of Gualdo Cattaneo, Province of Perugia.
We start our work from row 66. The vineyard looks messy, with the long branches of the vines, remains of the past harvest. It is time to prune and get ready for when the vines will start again their life cycle. It will happen soon!
Expert hands will do the job!
This is the vine once pruning is completed. In the next months we will come back and show you the same vine, at row 66. You will be able to follow it as leaves will appear, as it will bloom and then show the fruits.

Azienda Agricola Borgese ( Via Flaminia Maremmana 65, Fraz. Montepennino Montefalco 06036 Perugia (google map)


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