Alfonso Priorelli: “Relaxing at Podere Castagna Alta”

In the picture a nice summary of what “Podere Castagna Alta” is: a large, family owned, property, cultivated mostly with olive trees; a Mill that produces excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a fantastic location for your vacations. Driving just a few miles past Perugia, in the beautiful triangle of land between Perugia, Assisi and Gubbio, you’ll reach Valfabbrica. Podere Castagna Alta is just outside the village, immersed in olive trees. A place where life does not rush, it flows naturally.
Here Massimo and Paolo Pencelli have recently restored their family house and turned it into a beautiful Country House. Seven comfortable apartments and a spacious swimming pool for your “vacations with a view”.
While you are relaxing by the pool, not too far from the Country House, Massimo and Paolo, may be working in the fields or busy at their Olive Mill where they produce an amazing Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
You can go for a walk in the woods that surround the Country House.
Or simply enjoy the farm life and rhythm. You can relax in a beautiful natural environment and yet you are “a step away” from famous tourism destinations such as Assisi, Perugia or Gubbio. For more information visit “Podere Castagna Alta”.

Alfonso Priorelli (  Loc. Castagna Alta, Valfabbrica, Perugia (google map)

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