Alfonso Priorelli: “Our Oil is Our History”

The History of Alfonso Priorelli farm and Extra Virgin Olive Oil production starts around 1890, when Alfonso Priorelli inherited a property called “Podere Castagna Alta” just North of Perugia, in Umbria. He then started a long work of recovery of the olive grove, some of the trees dated back to the 18th century. Three generations later, in the Nineties, his great-grandchildren , Massimo and Paolo Pencelli, decided to take over the property and continue what Alfonso had started: produce good Extra Virgin Olive Oil from their land! To remember and celebrate their origins Massimo and Paolo decided to use, as labels on their oils, real pictures from the family album.

This picture was taken in the Thirties. On the right you can see Grandma eating a piece of pizza, Grandpa is sitting next to her while the Great-Grandpa, Alfonso Priorelli is on the left, he is the man with the hat. It looks like they are having a great time, some of them are drinking a glass of wine and some, like the one in the center of the photo, are enjoying a “bruschetta” soaked in oil. This image is now used as a label of Alfonso Priorelli Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Here we are in the Sixties. This is  Grandma in Chianciano, a city still  famous for its healing thermal waters where many families used to go, and still go, to “passare le acque” meaning to drink and be trated with the thermal waters that are especially good for  liver and stomach problems. Here Grandma is taking a walk  in  Chianciano with glass in her hand, ready to drink another healthy glass of thermal water! Today this image appears on the label of Alfonso Priorelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Dolce Agagia”.  “Dolce Agagia” is the name of this ancient type of olives typical of this part of Umbria.

This picture was taken in the late Thirties. On the left, with the hat, the old Alfonso Priorelli. On the right is his daughter and son in law, Massimo e Paolo Grandparents.  It looks like a happy family gathering and perhaps a nice “merenda” (picnic). Look at the two women in the picture dressed alike, they are sisters. It was the custom of the time that  sisters would dress alike even as  adults! This picture is reproduced on the label of Alfonso Priorelli  Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Umbria.

Here we are always in the Thirties the old Alfonso Priorelli is on the left, and his son in law, grandfather of Mssimo e Paolo Pencelli, is on the right. It is a great picture that very well  expresses warmth, affection, cooperation, continuity between generations  and that’s why Massimo and Paolo Pencelli decided to use it on the label of their Extra Virgin.

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